13 Weeks Pregnant

image001Now you’re 13 weeks pregnant, and you know what that means: You’re officially in your second trimester! The Thirteenth week is a great milestone, one that you should definitely celebrate. The things you started doing in the very beginning, like eating right and exercising, should continue. Your body is changing even more now, and you need to stay healthy for the long haul. You can read this article to know what else to expect when you are 13 weeks pregnant.

What Are the Pregnancy Symptoms at 13 Weeks?



Return of sex drive

At this point in your pregnancy, lots of changes are happening. You will probably be very happy to know that at 13 weeks pregnant, you are likely going to get your sex drive back. Remember that it’s okay to have sex at this point, unless your doctor has said otherwise.

The end of morning sickness

You are also nearing the end of the “morning sickness” phase, and soon you might be able to go about your day without worrying where the nearest toilet might be.

Increasing appetite

Part of the advantage of no more morning sickness is that your appetite is back, and you are definitely hungry! This is the time to choose the best foods possible for your baby, but don’t worry about wanting to eat more than usual. After all, you are definitely eating for two (or in the case of multiples, even more!).


Now that you are eating more, you might experience heartburn. If this happens, try to avoid foods that trigger it, such as spicy dishes. Speak to your doctor about home remedies or over the counter medications that are safe during pregnancy if the heartburn becomes severe.

More energy

Your nausea and exhaustion are beginning to level out, so you have much more energy. This is especially great since your sex drive is coming back with a vengeance. In fact, you might feel sexier than ever, and you probably want to make good on that womanly feeling.


Your short term memory might be a little strange, though. It is natural to be a little foggy or forgetful at this point, and that sometimes might make you feel as though you’re a little bit crazy. Keep in mind that this happens to all pregnant women at some point, and it’s nothing to worry about.

How Does Your Baby Grow?

So what’s going on with the baby in your belly? Lots of changes are happening every week now. Your baby is about three inches long, or about the size of a pea pod. Your baby’s head makes up about a third of its weight, but that little body is catching up fast! The total weight is about one ounce. All the veins and organs are visible through the skin, which is still clear.

Your baby now has fingerprints on those teeny, tiny fingertips. If you are having a girl, she already has more than two million eggs in those small ovaries. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The following video talks about what is happening for your baby when you are 13 weeks pregnant:

How Does Your Life Change?

The most important thing to note about being 13 weeks pregnant is that the biggest issues with miscarriage have passed. That means that if you have reached this point, you are much more likely to continue on with the pregnancy to term. This is definitely a good thing and something that helps many expectant moms relax and truly enjoy the pregnancy.

You are much more comfortable now, thanks to the disappearing nausea and the end of morning sickness. Your libido is up, which likely makes your partner quite happy, too! Your body is still changing. You might notice that your breasts are already making colostrum, preparing to feed your baby during those first few days after birth.

What About Diet at 13 Weeks Pregnancy?

You are likely ravenous at this point, and you feel as though you could eat everything in sight – and a lot of it! But right now you only need about 300 calories more per day to keep your baby healthy and growing. Make a point of eating things that you would be proud to feed to a child, such as whole wheat foods, fresh veggies and fruits, and lean meats.

When it comes to vitamins, they still matter just as much as they did in the beginning. Protein, iron and calcium are the main things that your baby needs in order to grow healthy and strong. Try to get 71 grams of protein per day from good sources like fish, nuts, soy sources like tofu and beans. Look to get 27 milligrams of iron each day, usually from sources like lentils, spinach and lean red meat. Calcium should be 1,000 mg per day, and you can probably get this with no problem by taking in four servings of dairy each day.

More Tips on 13 Weeks Pregnancy



Keep taking prenatal vitamins


Right now you should keep taking your prenatal vitamins. If your doctor has told you it is okay to stop taking them, do continue to take folic acid, as this is very important throughout the length of your pregnancy. Your doctor might also want to add an iron supplement at this point.

Feel aches and pains

So far as how you look, at this point most women are showing their pregnancy. You might also start to feel the little aches and pains that come from stretching ligaments and muscles as your belly grows bigger. Remember that this pain can become severe, and that pain is actually normal – but as with anything that concerns you, check with your doctor if the pain becomes too much to handle.

Do not gain weight too quickly

You are gaining a lot of weight now, and with that comes stretch marks. The best way to avoid them is to eat a balanced diet and not gain weight too quickly, but some women are simply more prone to them than others. Invest in some good lotion that will keep your skin supple and help prevent the itching that inevitably comes with the stretching that your skin is doing right now.

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