27 Weeks Pregnant

image001Week 27 signals the commencing of the last stage of pregnancy. It also signifies an important landmark in the pregnancy since it has been almost two trimesters now and the date of delivery is coming closer and closer. As the moment approaches, excitement of all the family members and friends would be at an all time high. The mom just has a few more weeks until she welcomes her baby in the world.

What Are the Pregnancy Symptoms at 27 Weeks?

At this stage of pregnancy, your body would be expanding at a rapid rate and your uterus would have almost reached your ribcage. You will start having new pregnancy complaints like haermorrhoids, leg cramps and even varicose veins which will all go away after your delivery.

It is best to have a blood test done now to see if you are having pregnancy anaemia or not. The doctor would also want to have an antenatal exam as well. Checking for pregnancy anaemia is important because the changing in your body might have depleted your iron reserves and reduced the amount of red blood cells.

Moms having a Rhesus-negative blood group would think about having an anti-D injection during the 27th week of pregnancy.

How Does Your Baby Grow When You're 27 Weeks Pregnant?

The weight of your baby would have reached close to 2 pounds and he would almost be about 14 inches long. The baby would have started opening his eyes by now and would be waking and sleeping regularly. Since the brain tissues of the baby would have developed a lot, his brain activity would have increased and his lungs would have started functioning too. Baby hiccups are common at this stage. Since they do not bother the baby much, there is no need for you to worry about it.

You can watch this video and get more information about how your baby grows when you are 27 weeks pregnant:

How Does Your Life Change When You're 27 Weeks Pregnant?

As the conclusion of the second trimester draws near, you would start experiencing leg cramps. The reason for this simple, your uterus has expanded a lot and it now puts extra weight on your legs. Moreover, the veins responsible for carrying blood to and away from your legs are also being pressurized by the excess weight.

Although the cramps can occur at any time of day, they are most likely to happen at night. To ease the pain, stretching the calf and gently massaging it is a good option. Walking can sometimes help too in relieving the cramps as well. Discussing family planning at this stage is also advisable. Talk about it with your partner as well as your doctor, then decide how you want to go about it.

How to Keep Food Safety in Kitchen When You're 27 Weeks Pregnant?



Wash up

Washing your hands and everything you eat is important. You must wash the utensils, the cutting board, the countertops and the lids of the containers you are storing food in so that no bacteria can contaminate them. All the vegetables and fruits you plan on eating should be rinsed thoroughly in water even if they have to be peeled before eating. The meats and poultry should be the only food items excluded from rinsing.

Keep foods differently

The uncooked food should always be kept at a temperature of below 40oF. If you have to use them then make sure that they do not remain in a temperature of above 40oF for a period of two hours. The fresh food should be refrigerated while the hot foods should be kept at a temperature of about 140oF. If the hot foods have to be reused, reheat them until they are steaming.

Cook meats well-done

The meats you eat should be thoroughly cooked. Half-baked or mildly rare is not appropriate for you. Thus, whether you are eating chicken, lamb or fish, it should be baked until the middle is well-cooked. To check the temperature of the food, make use of a good quality meat thermometer to make sure that the meat is fully cooked.

Choose cage-free eggs

The eggs you consume should also be well-cooked and cage-free. Any egg that has cracked or is kept out of the fridge for too long should be discarded. Eat raw eggs is harmful, so avoid them at all.

Several Tips on 27 Weeks Pregnancy

1. Sign Up for a Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding is going to be a new thing for you if you are becoming a mom for the first time. Therefore, enrolling in a breastfeeding class is a good option for you. You can learn about such classes from your doctor or through La Leche League and find out about one that is being held in your area.

2. Start Decorating Your New Baby’s Room

Decorating the baby’s room is a great way of keeping yourself busy in these last few months of your pregnancy. On your visits to the shopping mall, pay a visit to the baby aisles and shop for him as much as possible. It is not only going to make you happy, but will also provide a healthy exercise for you as well. If you have already completed the task of decorating the baby’s room, then spend as much time there as possible.

3. Develop a Habit of Reading Books to Your Baby

Since the baby’s hearing has developed, he would be able to listen to you, so reading books to him is a great way of bonding with him and making him familiar to your voice.

4. Cultivate a Habit of Listening to Music

The baby would become restless in the womb more frequently now and listening to music could be a good way of calming him down.

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