31 Weeks Pregnant

image001 At this critical juncture of more than three quarters of the way through your pregnancy, it remains important that you take a well-balanced and nutritional diet including fiber rich food items that can keep constipation at bay. It is also necessary that you don’t miss any of your checkups with the doctor and talk about even the smallest of issues that might be worrying you. You may want to know what to expect, what to eat and what to do for the health of you and your baby, this article will help you know the answers of them.

What Are the Pregnancy Symptoms at 31 Weeks?





You would start to feel a bit breathless during this period simply because your overgrown uterus will move up and put pressure on the diaphragm, the muscle that helps in breathing. The breathlessness may continue until the 36th week or sometimes till you actually give birth.

The breathlessness may be aggravated by exercise, so it’s probably better to give yourself a break from exercising if you have been doing it in order to keep yourself fit.

Pain in the back

You would also start to feel some pain in the back and this would be because of the bump that would have grown by the 31st week.

It’s important that you don’t lift anything that is even slightly heavy because it would put more pressure on already softened ligaments. A maternity belt for back support may help you with the back strain if it gets a bit severe.

Pain in the hip

The joints get affected because of the loosening ligaments in your pelvis, which causes the pain. This may well lead to SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) as well.

In order to tackle SPD, ensure that you sit on the birth ball often and try to get your pelvis in a stable position by going down on your knees and hands. If you would continue with these exercises, then SPD shouldn’t trouble you much at the time of birth.

How Does Your Baby Grow When You're 31Weeks Pregnant?

You would be curious to know how your baby is growing when you are 31 weeks pregnant. Currently, your baby would be able to move his head sideways and his body would be starting to take shape with arms and legs plumping out. Your baby should weigh just around 3 to 3 and a half pounds and should measure around 16 inches in length. You would get a good idea that your baby can move easily as well with all his kicks and somersaults that won’t allow you to sleep. Though the kicks might hurt but it should comfort you that the frequency of movement is an indicator of the baby’s health.

You can watch this video and get more information about how your baby grows when you are 31 weeks pregnant:

How Does Your Life Change When You're 31 Weeks Pregnant?

You might experience a leakage of premilk at this point in time from your breasts. If this is the case, then using nursing pads or a nursing bra (a bigger cup size would be ideal) may be a good option in order to save your clothing. The leakage is nothing to worry about, as your breasts always create the milk, but the leakage only starts during the latter half of pregnancy.

Apart from the leakage of premilk, you might as well experience some Braxton Hicks contractions (painless tightening of uterus muscles) which remain common during this stage in pregnancy. If you experience the contractions frequently like five or more within one hour, it might indicate preterm labor. It remains important that you call your doctor as quickly as possible if you experience any symptom of preterm labor. Whether it is frequent contractions, enhanced pressure on the pelvis, pain in the abdomen, pain in the lower back or vaginal discharge, you should get in contact with your physician immediately as all of them remain preterm labor symptoms.

What about Diet at 31 Weeks Pregnancy?

Diet becomes all the more important during the third trimester as your baby’s body are growing.

1. The Amount of Food

The amount of food that you should eat should be around 200 to 350 calories extra in order to meet your energy requirements. The greater your weight is, the more calories you would need to take. In terms of food, if you eat a small bowl of vegetables with two simple rotis or if you eat a similar bowl of sambar with a couple of idlis, you would get around 350 calories. It remains important that whatever you do, you miss no meals as it remains integral that your baby gets an uninterrupted supply of energy.

2. Treatment for Feeling Hot at 31 Weeks Pregnancy

You would feel hot at this stage of pregnancy because your metabolism rate would increase by around 20 percent. Therefore, your body might feel a lot hotter than normal. In order to keep your body temperature cool, you should drink as much water and other drinks like lassi and coconut water as possible. You can also tackle the heat while you eat by having a raita or a salad with your food. Snacks like fruit chaat would help in beating the heat as well while freshly cut fruits like pomegranate and pineapple in the morning and evening should help, too.

3. Snacks and Drinks

Apple and carrot juice, grape juice and almond milk remain great options as energy drinks which should provide you energy and should end your thirst as well. As far as snacks are concerned, cheese rolls, fried vegetables or chicken and baked spinach are all great options.

More Tips for You When You're 31 Weeks Pregnant

1. Make a List of Items Taken to the Hospital

During this stage of the pregnancy, it is important that you start on your list of things that you should take with you to the hospital. A comfy pillow, the pictures of your loved ones, gums for bad breath, light and funny books, a nursing bra and a camcorder with a roll of film should all be items that should be present on your list.

2. List the Names of People Supporting You

It remains a good idea during the 31st week to compile a list of people who would always support you. Even when you start feeling nervous and anxious with the fast rate of the baby growth and depressed with the state of your body, they would stand by you. Having emotional support both inside and outside your home is very important to get through this period.

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