5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Motherhood

Motherhood is something that cannot be explained in words. To understand it, one has to experience it. It is quite amazing that all pains, aches and discomfort of nine months are immediately forgotten as one takes her baby in her hands. Despite browsing through several parenting books, endlessly watching pregnancy and motherhood related videos and talking to the friends and relatives, no one is prepared for motherhood, which can best describe as a roller coaster ride.

Women have a lot of preconceived notions about motherhood, which gains more strength after watching beautiful movies that focuses on motherhood or novels with stories woven around this subject. Nothing is as simple and rosy as it seems. Lack of sleep, tired and burning feet, morning sickness, emotional upheavals, soreness all over are just a few of the discomforts one has to face. Even if one ask her mother about this phase in life, she will tell you interesting and nice things, but once you become a mother, the tough realities are hurled at your face. There are five fascinating things that nobody told you about and you are left all alone to cope up with them.

1.      You Will Feel As If You Have Just Come Back From The Battle Field

Many women are stronger than other delicate ones, but motherhood makes them quite perceptive about a variety of aches and pains in different parts of the body. Initially, when the baby seems to find it difficult to adjust to the new world where it has been unceremoniously thrown into, the new mother has to go through a lot of sleepless nights. It becomes even more demanding during weather change as the baby requires more attention and care during this phase. Despite hubby dear helping her in a variety of imaginative ways and extended family ready to chip in, it is the mother who has to handle her kid and the interesting fact is that she doesn’t know how to do it! The only solution to find some relief in your pains is by using ice packs as it can lower your troubles to a considerable extent, albeit momentarily. Body needs some rest at this juncture and finding time for the same is truly difficult!

2.      Your Baby Is 24x7x365 Commitment

If you are a die-hard optimist and you are waiting patiently for the lovely motherhood days to come, just like in a novel, you are sadly mistaken. Once you become a mother, you are committed for the whole life. Being 24x7 on call is a huge commitment and you cannot shirk away from your responsibility. Try hard to stay away from your kid, you will be amazed that the time spent away from your baby is spent just looking at your watch. Although, we are considered as the stronger sex, we are emotionally very weak, especially when it comes to our babies.

3.      You Will Find Yourself Doing Repetitive Tasks

A mother’s life, especially a new mother’s life simply revolves around feeding her baby, changing diapers, feeding again, changing again and so on and so forth. Sometimes, it gets so repetitive that you tend to get bored, which in turn immediately throw the “guilt” angle in the picture. After 3-4 months, babies start smiling, start recognizing their mothers and sometimes interact with her, till then, the mother has no choice but to go on with the grind. In between, she can seek a brief respite by indulging in a little baby shopping. She can shop for baby clothes as soon as her baby decides to take a brief nap. This will break the monotony and shopping for newborn baby essentials will make life a little interesting, even if just for a few minutes.

4.      Learning a New Parenting Lesson Every Day

You will be surprised to see how moody and cranky kids can become at times. One day, it is crying at the top of its lungs because of being wet and after a few failed attempts you understood the problem and did the needful, the very next day, the same problem may elicit a different kind of reaction. You never know how and when a baby is going to react in a particular manner. Thus, the solution to a problem that was perfect yesterday may not work today. So, you are always required to be on your toes and keep thinking about latest methods of keeping your baby content and happy!

5.      Unsolicited Advice

You are the new mother and you have to face a lot of responsibilities, but it seems that other mothers get the license of giving unsolicited advice to you at the drop of the hat. It can be about anything, nursing, weaning, kids diapers, feeding schedules, reading them stories, using various concoctions for colic and the list seems to be endless. You can definitely do without these unwanted suggestions and advice. Also, it is always better to enjoy the journey and do something that you feel is right.

All said and done, motherhood is actually a blessing, if you want to enjoy it, don’t get overwhelmed with the challenges it throws at you! Hear this mom shars the sheer joys of being a mother!



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