Top 12 Birthday Party Games

When giving your child a birthday party, the biggest part of the event is the games. In every party, there is always presents, cakes and ice creams, but in order to keep it fun you need to entertain the guests. Birthday party games are a good way to keep kids busy and help them “burn off” the excess sugar from all the treats. Besides, having great birthday party games can make your part wake up! Guests look forward to the games that can range from activities such aspin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, pass the parcel, etc. Any of these games can make your child’s party a complete success!

8 Interesting Birthday Party Games for Kids

1. Musical Chairs

Take small child size chairs and place them in a line, separate the chairs into two rows, and set them back to back. Count the number of children and make sure that the kids is one less than the chairs. You will need aboom box or radio. Turn on the music and have the kids walk in a circle around the chairs. Stop the music and have each child find a chair. The child who is standing is out of the game. Take away a chair each time this happens and continue to play until all but one child is still standing. The last one standing is the winner of the game.

2. Simon Says

Make the birthday child or another child the leader. This child stands facing the group of players. Have the leader say commands such as, "Simon says, 'shake your left leg' or 'wiggle your head'." The players in the game have to follow the commands if the leader says, "Simon says." If the players perform a move without the leader saying, "Simon says", they lose. Play until only one child is left in the game.

3. Bingo

Each guest gets a bingo card and dots to mark off the places. Call each bingo number and give the kids a minute to find it and place a marker on the board. When the first child finds all the numbers in a line, they call out "BINGO." Then he wins the game. Try to play bingo with kids on the party.

4. Trivia Question

Find a fun theme for the trivia question game like animals, cartoon characters, sports or any kids-related subject. Call out questions and give points to each child that answers correctly. The child with the most points is the winner of trivia questions game.

5. Pass the Parcel

Wrap a small prize inside a box. Place as many sheets of paper over the box as the number of party guests. Have your guests sit in a circle and turn music on. While the music is playing, have the kids pass the gift box. Stop the music. People who get the gift box when the music ends need to unwrap one paper layer. Continue to start and stop the music until the gift is completely unwrapped. The player who opens the last sheet of paper off the box wins the prize inside. You can also place enough prizes for each child inside the box.

6. Steady Egg Relay

Split the party guests into two teams. Give each child a spoon and stand in a straight line. Each team gets one egg and place on the ground in front of the first child. Start the game and have one child hold the egg on the spoon and run to a marker and back without dropping the egg. When the child runs back, the next one starts out in the same manner. The first team to finish without dropping the egg wins.

7. Balloon Burst

Place a small toy prize inside balloons and inflate. Have all the balloons ready in a large trash bag or basket. Give each child a balloon and have them try to pop them by sitting on them. Children participating this game cannot use their hands in the game to assist popping the balloon. Each child is a winner after the balloon pops.

8. Memory Tray

Gather a number of items around the house and find a cover for the tray. You can use objects likea toothbrush, scissors, a toy, silverware, a rock, keys, etc. Place about 5 or 6 objects on the tray (make sure to use less if kids are little). Cover the tray and place on a table. Allow the kids to look at the tray for a few minutes. Cover the tray back up and take out of the room. Take one object off the tray out of kids’ view and cover back up. Take the tray back to the table and remove the cover. Ask kids which item is missing. Do this until all objects are gone and all kids have a turn of naming a missing object. You can either give points for right answers or remove a child from the game if they answer incorrectly.

4 Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

1. Pool Prize Search

If the weather is warm, you can try outside games in water. If you have a pool or have access to a pool, this is a great way for kids to cool off and have fun.

  • You can either fill a large kiddie pool with water or use a regular swimming pool. Note that, if you use a large regular pool, you have to make sure all kids in the game can swim. Throw weighted pool toys into the pool. Throw a number of inflatable toys on top of the water to disguise the toys on the bottom.
  • Send a few kids at a time into the pool to find the toys on the bottom. If using a large pool, you can allow them to use goggles to make it easier. You can also make it harder by not allowing kids to use their hands.

Fun Tip: try blindfolding older kids and have other kids to say “warmer” or “colder” if they are close to finding something.

2. Silly Sack Race

Keep kids moving by giving them each a potato sack or a large pillowcase. Line kids up in two rows and have them stand inside the sack or case. Start the race with a signal and have them hop in the sacks to the finish line. Have them run back and give the sack to the next person in line. The first team to finish wins.

3. Toppling Tug-of-War

Set two milk crates and have the players stand on the upper milk carts with 6 to 12 feet apart. Then players grab each end of the rope to pull or relax the rope, and the one who makes the adversary fall off his or her crate wins the game.

4. Disk Tic-Tac-Toe

Take a large white shower curtain liner and tape off lines to make 9 boxes. Use frisbees and keep three plain and make three with an “x.” Give one child the “x” disks and another child the plain disks. Have each throw one at a time into a box until one player has three in a row. Play in pairs until all children have played.

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