Fertility Drugs for Men

image001While many have thought the drugs can be a solution of every problem, including hormonal problems in both male and female, the case is not true. In females, drugs have helped to cater to hormonal problems to a large extent, but in men, the success rate of fertility drugs is only 5%. Men are usually ascribed fertility drugs depending upon the nature of the problem they are suffering from.

What Are the Causes of Male Fertility Problems?

While there are a lot of reasons that cause male fertility problems, two major causes of male fertility problems are as followed:

1. Obstructive Causes

The word “obstructive” refers to any blockade or difficulties to reach an origin, and in this case, the male suffers from this issue. Some men suffer from genetic or physical abnormalities that they are born with, which cause the flow of sperms to its origin. The physical abnormalities can be accompanied by a number of infections that hinder the process of the ejaculation of sperm. It should be taken into account that obstructive causes can be treated easily and quickly.

2. Non-obstructive Causes

Sperm production is altogether affected due to hormonal imbalances in male. The male body requires a certain hormone to stimulate their reproductive system, and drugs that are used for ovulation stimulation can also help to deal with the issue, and stimulate their reproductive system.

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Why Are Fertility Drugs for Men Needed and How Are They Prescribed?

1. General Introduction

We have seen the causes of male fertility problems. The good news is that these problems can be eliminated or reduced with the help of fertility drugs for men. The most used hormone for this issue is “gonadotropins”. This drug is known as an injectable hormone that is primarily used to treat men who suffer from primary hypo gonadotropic hypogonadism that is a condition wherein the male body fails to produce sperm. The condition of hypogonadism means that the brain does not produce the right amount of hormones for fertility. This drug comes in two forms, which are commonly known as human menopausal gonadotropins, and human chorionic gonadotropin. Both drugs are used to stimulate the testicles to produce the male hormone which is known as testosterone.

Apart from this, other drugs may also prove to be beneficial. Two such drugs are known as the Pulsatile Gonadotropin releasing hormones, or the follicle stimulating hormones. Non-hormonal drugs may prove to be beneficial for men who suffer from sperm ejaculation abnormalities due to underlying problems such as diabetes, medication side effects, or post-surgery effects. Drugs such as imipramine can help such abnormalities and reduce the flow of sperm into the bladder rather than the penis by blocking the entrance of the bladder. Penile electro vibration stimulation can also help cater to this issue. For those who are rather skeptical about drugs, antibiotics are a useful alternative for fertility treatments.

2. Drug Therapy

Fertility Drugs



These drugs are used to treat men who suffer from the problem of infertility, and the root causes of this infertility issue remain unexplained. These men produce an alarmingly low number of sperm and only 40% of this sperm is motile. Poor signal transmission between the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus result in the above condition. The used gonadotropins for this issue are HCG and FSH.

Ant estrogen agents

Lack of gonadotropins in men leads to a decrease in the release of the testosterone hormone, which is why ant estrogen drugs such as tamoxifen and clomiphene are used. However, these can have a severe side effect of sperm production. It is essential to have a check on the testosterone levels. Clomiphene is known to have the most side effects and thus, remains an unapproved drug.


Bromocriptine is used to decrease the levels of prolactin in the male body that causes a reduction in the testosterone level in the body. The bromocriptine drug is used for an average of four weeks but also has its side effects which include liver issues, high blood pressure, confusion, hallucinations and abnormal body movements.


Synthetic testosterone is often used as a mimic testosterone when the male body contains low level of testosterone. Oral pills, gels and injections are used as a form of synthetic testosterones. However, their use can lead to liver abnormalities. In the same light, although injections are thought to be safer, they also lead to mood fluctuations, and problems in energy levels. Today, transdermal testosterone applications are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Length of Treatment

The length of treatments differs from drug to drug. Clomiphene is recommended for three to six months, which one pill a day as per side. HCG is prescribed for at least two to three injections for at least six months, according to what the doctor prescribes. It should be taken into account that longer periods of fertility drug usage do not ensure the success of these drugs. It is possible that your doctor may frequently change your dosage levels, change your medication or the treatment altogether.

4. The Success Rates of Fertility Drugs for Men

It is true that fertility drugs may help boost the production of sperms to a great extent. More than 80% of men have experienced an improvement in their fertility with the help of gonadotropins. 40% of the patients have witnessed pregnancy with their partner. Operations can be done if medications fail to work. Treatment for retrograde ejaculations has seen a success rate of 55% minimum.

5. The Side Effects of Fertility Drugs for Men

Both HCG and Clomiphene can cause side effects in male. The side effects range from mild to severe side effects such as the burst of acne, sudden and severe weight changes, breast enlargements, blurred vision, and even liver abnormalities.

How to Increase Male Fertility Naturally

1. Minimize Physical and Chemical Fertility Interference

Avoiding tight clothing to allow the flow of air to the groin area can encourage male fertility. One must also avoid the exposure to harmful chemicals and rays which may interfere with sperm production. It remains essential to maintain a normal body temperature. Wear warm clothing for an excessively long period may limit male fertility.

2. Eat to Increase Male Fertility

Having a healthy diet can contribute greatly to cater to a lot of medical issues including infertility. Your body needs a good amount of antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10 along with a combination of fruits, grains, protein and vegetables. Multivitamins that contain vitamin C and E can also help boost male fertility and encourage sperm production. Alcohol and red meat should be avoided at all costs to remove any hindrances to the male fertility.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

It is not about eating the right things, but also doing the right things to ensure a healthy life. Moving away from the addiction of smoking will result in a decent amount of increase in sperm production. Along with this, lower alcohol intake as well as having a stress free lifestyle will all contribute to your wellbeing. Keep a normal and healthy weight with the right balance of fat and muscle to encourage health of your reproductive system. Do not get involved in drug addictions as this will deteriorate your health as a whole.

4. Get a Professional Consultation

Professional help can guide you towards the root cause of your problem and help you find the right solutions. Indulge in regular sperm counts to monitor your sperm production and regular hormone tests. Also, visit professionals to eliminate the chances of any underlying serious diseases, and other causes of infertility. Thus, it can be deduced from this article that what is necessary is to first understand the causes of fertility problem in men, and then work towards using the fertility drugs for men to help eliminate such issues with the help of a professional.

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