Italian Baby Boy Names

Italian baby boy names can help infuse culture into your family life. These names are unique and different from average names. Whether you are full Italian, just a little Italian or not Italian at all, Italian baby names are steeped in rich history. Some people choose them to carry on the name of an ancestor. Some choose a name relating to a city or place they visited in Italy. The list below can help you choose a name that stands apart from the rest.

15 Recommended Italian Names for Your Boy

Here is a list of Italian boy names---the best 15 Italian baby boy names!

1.    Benedetto

Meaning: Blessed

This is actually a form of Saint Benedict, shortened. There are many relations to Benedetto and Benedict including the Benedictine Monks. People with this name are good at public speaking or singing and yearn for beauty around them. There are a number of notable people with this name from artist/sculptors to philosopher’s and politicians in Italy.

2.    Calvino

Meaning: Bald

One common form of this name is Calvin. The shortened nickname most used with this name is Cal. People with this name have a very deep need for quiet in their lives. Since the name can be used as a first or last name, one notable person with this name is the Italian journalist and writer, Italo Calvino.

3.    Cristoforo

Meaning: Christ bearer

This is the Italian form of Christopher. Another spelling is Cristofori. One notable person with this name is Cristoforo Columbo who was a famous Italian opera singer. People with the name Cristoforo have a deep need to connect with and help humanity, but tread lightly on their emotions.

4.    Franco

Meaning: Free

Derived from Francis, this name it Italian but means “Frenchman.” It also means “Free One.” In America, it translates into the name Frank. It is said that people with the name Franco or Francis are very analytical people and have a strong need to learn inner truths.

5.    Gianni

Meaning: God is gracious

This Italian baby boy name was derived from the Hebrew term Yohanan. It is a very common short version of Giovanni. In medieval times, the spelling was slightly different as Janni. In America, it translates into John. This name even has a special “name day” where anyone with the name Janni, John or Gianni is celebrated.

6.    Gustavo

Meaning: Staff of the Goths

This name is derived from Gustav and is Old Swedish and Norse in origin. Even though it is listed under Italian baby boy names, it is actually is very popular in South American countries and Portugal. Another common spelling is Gustav and the nickname shortened is Gus.

7.    Luca

Meaning: Bringer of light

This name is actually a translation of the ancient Greek version Loukas or Lucas. It is a shortened version of a location in Italy, Lucania. The feminine form is Luciana or Lucy. In recent years, this name has been re-emerging as a popular Italian baby boy name. Some may even spell it Luka.

8.    Marcio

Meaning: Roman fertility god mars/The month of March

People with this name love adventure, change and excitement in their lives. Variations in spelling are Marcus or Mark in English. It is actually pronounced, MAR-thy-OW. The name originated from the god Mars and this is also how the name for the month of March originated.

9.    Paolo

Meaning:  Small

This is another form of the name Paul. It is said that people with this name have a deep inner desire for creativity and order in their lives. One well known namesake was St. Paul the Apostle. There is also a location in Italy known as San Paolo or Saint Paul.

10.    Salvatore

Meaning: Savior

The other spelling for this name is Salvador. One notable person is the famous artist, Salvador Dali. There are also a number of places in Italy with this name. People with this name tend to make friends easily and be optimistic about life. The shortened nickname for this is, Sal.

11.    Santino

Meaning: Little Saint

It is a very long standing Italian tradition to name a baby after a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Santino is a very handsome and masculine name for a boy. Notable people with this name are Santino rice/Fashion designer, and Santino Marella/Professional wrestler.

12.    Teo

Meaning: Divine Gift

This is the shortened version of Mateo or Teodor. People with this name tend to encourage others for higher good and look deep into spirituality. Boys with the name Teo are dedicated to building an orderly life for themselves and show good skills with practicality. The name can also be a shortened form of Theodore. Some people use and “h” in the spelling to form the shortened form of Theodore, Theo.

13.    Valentino

Meaning: Valiant, brave or strong one

This is the male form of Valentine. The name is associated with love and romance. A boy with this name is very thoughtful and loving towards others. One famous person with this name is professional motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi. The shortened nickname for this is, Val.

14.    Dante

Meaning: Everlasting

Used both as a first name and last name, it is actually medieval and short for Durante. Another form of the name is Durand. When you see the name Dante, you may think of the 13th century poem The Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno, written by Dante Alighieri. It is actually quite a popular name in Italy and America.

15.    Rafael

Meaning: God has healed

This is the name of one of the Archangels. This is an ancient name that is seen as far back as 1350 B.C. The Archangel Rafael whose name appears in many religions is known as the “healing angel.” There are also many notable persons with this name including Rafael da Urbino/Italian Painter, and Rafael Sanzio/Italian Architect. 

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