Amazing Trackpads for PC and Mac

While trackpads are most commonly associated with laptops, they can be used with regular computers as well. In fact, some people may enjoy using a trackpad more than a mouse. Trackpads can give you a more streamlined and fluid experience when using your computer, without forcing you to strain your wrist like mouses usually do. 

A trackpad can add a level of comfort and convenience when you work. It can also support multi-touch gestures and shortcuts, making it easier and more efficient to do your regular tasks. Interested? Here are some convenient, ergonomic, and sleek trackpads for Mac and PC you can buy.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

If you’re looking for a trackpad for Mac or Chromebook, the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 should be at the top of your list. This product is the gold standard for trackpads everywhere. It hosts a wide range of amazing features. First, it has the largest surface area among trackpads in 2020, giving you ample space to work with. Its four Force Touch sensors also allow you to perform multiple tasks and increase the functionality of the trackpad. Equipped with a rechargeable built-in battery, this trackpad can last for more than 2 months with regular usage. This trackpad is also completely wireless; it connects to your Mac via Bluetooth.

Jelly Comb Touchpad

Need a trackpad for PC that’s supported by Windows? Then you’ll love Jelly Comb Touchpad. Made specifically for Windows computers, this trackpad supports numerous Windows shortcuts and gestures. While it’s not as sophisticated as the Bluetooth-supported Apple Magic Trackpad, this trackpad still has some great features. Its smooth, glazed surface has fluid multi-touch capabilities that allow you to click on apps, zoom in and out on images, and scroll through webpages.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

This touchpad from Microsoft gives you the best of both worlds. It works as both a mouse and a touch-sensitive trackpad, so you can easily scroll vertically or horizontally, or just use your computer's cursor like normal. The Arc Touch mouse is a great option for those who like to work in coffee shops, airports, or wherever there's a Wi-Fi signal.

Logitech K400 Plus Touchpad Wireless Keyboard

If you have your computer hooked up to a TV and need a wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad for some couch surfing, you can't go wrong with this option from Logitech. It's a slim, lightweight, and inexpensive option that works best with PCs. We love that it has plenty of hot keys for easily adjusting volume or music playback.

VOGEK Wired Trackpad Touchpad

We appreciate this trackpad's plug-and-play functionality — meaning you don't have to fuss with installing any drivers or software before using it. The trackpad is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7. It has a smooth glass surface, supports multi-touch and gestures, plus it comes with a USB-C cable.

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